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Funding science to develop a new class of Oncology drugs for Ovarian Cancer.

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Michelle Kendall founded Canna Onc Research to jumpstart the development of new cannabinoid oncology treatments. Initially seeking a cure to her own disease, Michelle soon realized the potential of cannabis medicine, and sought to improve the lives and health of ovarian cancer patients everywhere.

Bruce Kendall is honoring his wife's legacy by continuing to support her vision: to fund rigorous preclinical science that will lead to successful drugs to treat ovarian cancer.

Hinanit Koltai is our principal research partner. Professor Koltai is a scientist at the ARO Volcani Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has extensive experience examining the effects of cannabis on cancer and other diseases.

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We fund preclinical research to determine which cannabinoids (and other cannabis-derived compounds) have effective anti-cancer properties. The research also examines the mode of action of these compounds, and the potential for synergy with existing cancer therapies.

Our research program is designed to support future clinical trials and successful drug development.


The first round of experiments demonstrated that compounds extracted from a high-THC cannabis strain had multiple effects on ovarian cancer cell cultures, including interrupting the cell cycle, inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death), and reducing cell migration. In addition, this anti-cancer effects showed strong synergy with niraparib, an existing therapeutic drug. For more details, see this preprint

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Are you excited about our work? here are some things you can do.


While our work investigating the effects of cannabis on ovarian cancer is new, studies of cannabis and other cancers have been expanding in recent years. If you'd like to learn more about this research, a selection of resources is available at

At that same site you can learn more about Michelle's story.


Israel is a leader in cannabis science, and we are proud to be working with out partners there. But progress would be much faster if the immense resources of the U.S. research establishment could be brought to bear. Unfortunately, U.S. federal drug policy greatly limits the ability of U.S. scientists to study cannabis medicine, as described in this 2020 article. Share your excitement about cannabis research with your legislators, and ask them to ensure that any drug reform includes expanded opportunities for medical research. 


Michelle and Bruce funded Canna Onc Research from their personal savings, and Bruce has pledged substantial further investments. Nevertheless, we'd welcome your financial contribution! To make a modest gift, please visit our GoFundMe page. For a larger gift, or to discuss other ways of contributing, please contact us at

Gifts are not tax deductible at this time. But as a supporter, you will receive regular updates on our progress.

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Founded in California, 2020.  All research occurs at the Koltai Lab, Agricultural Research  Organization, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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